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Graphics by Shelby

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About ;
greenblurs is fearstrikes's icon journal. You may have previously known me as icon_whore_ I will use this journal to post all of the icons, textures, brushes, banners, or any other graphics that I make. Feel free to add this journal to your friends list, and for now I will be adding everyone back, but if the list grows to large for me to maintain, then I will stop adding people.

Feel free to ask questions if you have one. I will be more than happy to answer them, and hopefully help you. Suggestions are always really nice. If you would like to see me try something different or make different types of graphics then please tell me so. If you would like tutorials on anything that I make, feel free to ask, and I will be more than happy to make one. Everything that I make is for the taking. All that I ask is that you plase follow a few rules.

Rules ;
o1. Credit; Please credit fearstrikes or greenblurs in the keywords. This is how you can credit if you don't know how.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
o2. Comment; I love getting comments. They encourage me to make more graphics. Please ask permission before using my graphics anywhere outside of LiveJournal. I will more than likely say yes, but I want to know where you're going to be using my graphics.
o3. No Hotlinking; Hotlinking is BAD. Go here to find out more information on hotlinking.
p4. No Editing; Unless I say anything in my post, then don't customize any of the graphics posted. Just because I post an icon that doesn't have any text on it, does not mean that they are bases. I worked hard on making these graphics, and I would not appretiate if you edited them to make them look completely different, and then claim them as your own.
o5. Claiming; fearstrikes makes all of the graphics posted here, you didn't. I will hunt you down, and cut off your toes, if you take any of the graphics and claim them as your own.

Affiliates ;
If you would like to become Affiliates then comment here

Resources ;
If you would like to know where I get all of my brushes, textures, and images then go here.